Spring outerwear, raincoats & rain suits for kids and babies

Children wearing Spring outerwear and raincoats

Spring outerwear and raincoats

Are you looking for the perfect mid-season or rainy season outerwear for baby, toddler or older kids? With Deux par Deux, check out our collections that are both stylish and very high quality. The perfect clothing from baby to teens!

Spring and fall outerwear

Both spring and fall are seasons when outdoor adventures can become truly magical.  These rainy and cool seasons also require the perfect spring or fall outerwear that is both warm and waterproof.

And spring coats and raincoats allow kids to enjoy the outdoors without getting wet, while our sweaters and vests keep them warm. Find the perfect stylish rain suits for your toddler here!

Kids' waterproof rain pants

Water puddles and slush are everywhere in the spring and the fall! To help your child stay warm and protect his or her clothes, our splash pants are perfect. Our rain pants are also ideal for active kids!

With Deux par Deux, our models are both durable and resistant thanks to the high-quality materials they are made with. After all, our rain suits for toddler and kids are made to encourage them to play, and jumping into muddy puddles is part of the fun!

Printed Two Piece Colorblocked Spring Rain Set Coral Butterflies & Black
Printed Two Piece Spring Rain Set Khaki Dinosaurs

Cool spring and fall outerwear for babies and kids

Whether you are looking for a cute outfit for your 3- to 24-month-old baby or a raincoat and pants for a child between 2 to 14 years, Deux par Deux has the perfect spring outfit for everyone. 

Our mid-season outerwear are perfect for babies, toddler and older kids alike, and they protect them from head to toe. They will also stand out with style: we have the perfect color arrangements and themes for everyone’s taste! We stay up to date with fashion while remaining unique, in all of our spring and fall clothing, designed in Montreal.

Check out our raincoats and rain pants for kids and find your favorite!

Cute rain boots for toddler and kids

Rain boots are a must when it comes to kids’ spring outerwear. Whether it is for hiking or simply to walk up and down city streets, spring boots will help you stay dry even when the ground isn’t!

No matter what your daughter or son’s favorite colors or patterns are, we have very comfortable and stylish boots for him or her!

Spring accessories

A pretty hat, cap, or a unique winter hat, a neck warmer for colder days, whatever! We have all the stylish accessories you need to make your mid-season outfit complete.

child sitting and wearing rain boots

Check out all of our models online and take advantage of free delivery for purchases over $ 99. We offer quick shipping as well as free and easy returns within 30 days of purchase. With our spring and rain outerwear, the whole family is ready for the outdoors, come rain or shine!