10 Gift Ideas for a 10-Year-Old Girl

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10-year-old girl gift ideas

Already 10 years old... Your little girl is growing up so fast!

For her birthday, or simply to please her, you want to spoil her with a unique and unforgettable present. The slight difficulty? When you get into the double-digit age range, tastes change fast. 

To make sure you're on the right track, here are 10 original gift ideas for a 10-year-old girl.

1 - A Pretty Dress for the Latest Fashions

Girl summer dress

For those who already follow trends closely, opt for a beautiful dress, like the floral-print corduroy dress by Deux par deux. Timeless and elegant, this piece is a must-have for any young fashionista!

For more ideas on dresses to give as gifts, take a look at our collection of dresses for girls aged 2 to 14!

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2 - A Board Game for Fun With Friends

Frozen themed monopoly

It's a well-known fact: at 10, friends are sacred. They're like a little family with whom you share your secrets and your best moments. To encourage your child to strengthen these bonds of friendship while having fun, give them a board game. A Frozen-themed Monopoly, for example, will be perfect for fans of Elsa and her friends. Loads of fun!

3 - A Mother-Daughter Bag for Matching Outfits

Mother-daughter duo bags

What could be more adorable than matching parent-child outfits? Accessorize your outfits with pretty matching mother-daughter bags. It's a trendy little item that will highlight your bond!

4 - A Camera to Immortalize Your Most Beautiful Moments

Camera kid gift

At the age of 10, it's time to start cultivating your talents. Encourage your little one's creative spirit by giving her a camera. Whether digital or polaroid, she'll be able to capture the most precious moments of her daily life while nurturing her creativity. Zoofamily polaroids take the form of our favorite animals... So cute!

5 - Speakers for Dancing to Your Favorite Tunes

girl bluetooth speakers

Dancing and singing are your daughter's passions? Nothing will please her more than Bluetooth speakers. She can connect a phone or computer and play all her favorite songs. Amazing performances are guaranteed!

6 - An Eco-Responsible Card Game to Care for the Planet

Linkto book

Who says 10 is too young to care about ecosystems? For future environmentalists, opt for a nature-themed card game like Linkto-Terre. This card game is a fun way to test your knowledge of ecology and nature.

7 - A Make-up Kit to Get Creative and Transform

Girl first make-up kit

When a young girl turns 10, she may want to learn how to look just like her cartoon heroines. Support her desire to take care of herself with a Disney princess-themed make-up kit. Eyeshadow, lip gloss, and varnish: everything you need to instantly transform yourself into your favorite princess.

8 - A Hat to Keep You Warm on Your Adventures

Girl hat gift

Is your little girl more of an adventurous type? To accompany her on all her winter escapades, give her an adorable pink knitted hat. Made from nylon, acrylic, and wool, it'll keep her warm during her snowy activities. 

Not sure of your choice? In that case, why not give her a gift card, so she can choose her ideal outfit or accessory herself?

9 - A Planetarium to Cultivate Your Scientific Mind

Planetarium 10-year old gift

Head in the stars, feet on the ground. Does that sound like your little one? Treat them to a Buki mini-planetarium. Projecting stars and galaxies in all directions, it will plunge your child's bedroom into a veritable stellar paradise. Ideal for encouraging scientific curiosity and creating a dream-like atmosphere.

10 - Personalized Jewelry to Show Your Love

Personalized jewelry gift

For a gift that's close to the heart, choose personalized jewelry. For example, a pendant with her name will remind your daughter that you love her and will always be there for her. A lovely symbol of your bond.

As your child's brain develops, so do her tastes. We hope these gift ideas for a 10-year-old girl will help you make her happy!