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Collection: Spring, fall and winter Outerwear for boys from 2 to 14 years.

Are you looking for the perfect clothes to allow your son to go outside and play in, without being afraid of him getting cold? Are style and quality a priority for you? Look no further: Deux par Deux offers a wide selection of outerwear for boys between 2 and 14 years.

Whether your little one is in daycare, grade school or even high school, we have the perfect fall outerwear for your boy, so that he can start his school year with style. Our fall coats are not only stunning, they are also easy to wash and keep their color even after several washes.

Our fall outerwear for boys offers something for everyone and every taste, and also includes all the necessary accessories for colder days, including during the mid-season. Our fall pants, hats and transition jackets will allow him to stay warm! We also have several winter coats, obviously, to keep you ready for winter that –let’s face it- always comes quicker than expected!

When we think of mid-season, the return of springtime also pops to mind, which also requires its own accessories and spring outerwear for boys, like spring coats and spring jackets, but also spring hats. We have several mid-season outerwear sets for kids.

Find the perfect spring outerwear set to play outside, even in the rain! We offer rain sets with essential items such as rain coats, and also:

  • Rain boots
  • Rain vests
  • Rain pants
  • Rain hats

Our spring outerwear sets for boys will not only allow your son to stay warm, but also –and mostly- to remain dry! During the mid-season, whether it is fall or spring, as well as during winter, we have everything your little angel needs to stay comfortable and stylish.

Entirely designed in Montreal, our outdoor clothing for boys from 2 to 14 years offer stunning color combinations and attractive patterns. We know how to please children and parents alike!

Deux par Deux also has something else that parents love: quick shipping and free delivery on orders of $ 99 or more! It might sometimes be harder to shop for clothes online, which is why we also offer free and easy returns within 30 days.

Our team is also available to answer all of your questions quickly, by online chat, phone or email. We will be glad to assist you in any way we can!

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