Gifts from the Heart: A Guide to Baby Shower Spending

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Baby shower gift guide

Whether you opt for decorative items, practical essentials, or outright must-haves, the array of baby shower gift options seems endless! If you find yourself unsure about what to choose (and how much it should cost), worry not! We've gathered a few thoughtful ideas for baby shower gifts to help you express your love and joy for the growing family.

How Much Should You Spend on a Baby Shower Gift?

In general, people spend anywhere between $20 and $200 on baby shower gifts. However, if you can't afford that much, don't feel obligated to spend beyond your means. Remember, the thought and care you put into the gift are what truly matter. Whatever amount you decide to spend, your presence and well wishes at the baby shower will mean a lot to the expecting parents.

Here’s a quick guide based on your relationship with the future parents:

  • For coworkers or acquaintances, a popular budget range hovers around $30 to $50. It allows for thoughtful gestures without breaking the bank.

  • Stepping up the warmth and affection for friends or distant relatives, many generous gift-givers tend to allocate between $50 and $100. This budget range enables the selection of more personalized and meaningful presents.

  • When it comes to cherished close friends or beloved family members, the gift-giving sentiment reaches new heights. Most individuals willingly invest between $100 and $200 or even more to express their profound love and excitement for the impending bundle of joy.

Here Are Some Gift Ideas Under 100$:

A Sweet Plushie

Raplapla plushie

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It's a classic baby shower gift! What could be more adorable than a stuffed animal or a little blanket to cuddle your infant during his nap? 

What about this ‘non-stinging’ plushie made of organic cotton with a red velvet heart?

Price: $70

Baby Sleeping Bag

Baby sleeping bag

Would you like to give a really useful gift? Then, buy a cute sleeping bag for parents to pop their newborn in so they’re all warm and comfortable while sleeping.

Choose, for example, a cotton baby sleeping bag by Deux par deux. Comfortable and easy to carry, it allows mom or dad to put the baby to sleep wherever they may be.

Price: $25-50

Organic Cotton Romper

Organic baby romper

For fashion-conscious moms and dads who are already thinking about their little one's outfits, give them an adorable organic cotton romper. Not only will the baby look adorable, but they’ll feel like they’re wrapped in a cloud. 

At Deux par deux, we offer a wide range of organic cotton rompers, each one cuter than the next. Thanks to their breathable organic cotton, they're light and pleasant to the touch. Depending on the model, they may also feature a small kangaroo pocket on the front as well as a button opening at the crotch for easy diaper changes.

Discover our Deux par deux rompers:

Price: $25-50

A Comfortable Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillow

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Breastfeeding is a privileged moment between mother and baby. In the early days, it's also an (almost) full-time job. So, comfort is an absolute necessity.

The gift of a breastfeeding pillow is a sure-fire hit as it will help mom to adopt a comfortable position during breastfeeding.

Price: 30$

A Pretty Mobile

Baby mobile gift

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Combine practicality with joy by offering a delightful mobile to future parents. In addition to adorning the baby's room, its slow, circular movement will gently soothe them to sleep.  

Choose Indigo's poetically named "Earth Child Sky" mobile, made from cotton, linen, and beechwood. A soothing, decorative object in natural materials that will take the baby to dreamland.

Price: $40


So, which of these baby shower gift ideas has won you over?

Remember, the essence of gift-giving lies not in the monetary value of the gift but in the heartfelt connection between the giver and the recipient. Whatever budget you choose, the joy and thoughtfulness behind your present will undoubtedly shine through, making the baby shower truly special.