Finding the Right Christmas Sweater for My Kid

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Right Christmas sweater for kids

This holiday season, are you looking for a stunning sweater for your child? Something they will enjoy wearing to family dinners, concerts, and Christmas markets? 

But with the vast selection of children's Christmas clothes on offer, it's hard to find what you're searching for! Here are three criteria to consider when trying to find the right Christmas sweater for your child.

Style first!

Christmas sweater for kids

Who says that enjoying a great outfit is only for adults? At school, children also like to show their personalities through their clothes, whether that’s about color, pattern, or cut.

Holidays are a great time to express yourself with original sweaters. And there's no shortage of styles! The color and pattern possibilities are endless. 

Generally speaking, a Christmas sweater is adorned with traditional festive colors such as green, red, and white. This pretty intarsia sweater with puffed sleeves is a fine example.


Intarsia holiday sweater

See the Intarsia Sweater


But, of course, the possible colors don't stop there. To find the right sweater, simply ask your child: do they prefer classic colors, or brighter, more original ones?

Then, depending on the child's age, the designs on the sweaters will vary. A garment decorated with a baby animal, mischievous little elves, or a smiling snowman will be ideal for younger children. Older children will appreciate a sweater with a more elaborate design, such as this Christmas sweater for boys featuring a deer, with a contemporary look.

Choosing the right fabric

Choosing a Christmas sweater for your child also means selecting a winter garment, which must be warm and pleasant to the touch but also hardwearing.

Polyester is the fabric of choice, not least because of its strength. This fabric retains heat, won't wrinkle or fade, and is ideal for clothing your child during long winter play sessions. Another advantage of this material is that it doesn't shrink in the wash! 

Soft and breathable, cotton is also an excellent material for a Christmas sweater. Combined with other materials such as polyamide, polyester, or nylon, it maximizes heat retention and durability over time.

As you can see, it's best to opt for a Christmas sweater made from mixed textiles, which combine the different properties of each textile.

Focus on comfort

Looking good is good, moving easily and freely is better! To find the right Christmas sweater for your child, choose a loose fit that gives them freedom of movement. 

A long-sleeved cotton fleece with a relaxed fit and elastic sleeves will do the trick. And that goes for both boys' and girls' Christmas sweaters. Ideal for hours of play in the snow as well as for fun under the tree! 

With these few tips, your little one will be the prettiest for the holidays!