Easy Tips to Dress Baby for Spring

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Dressing baby for spring

That's it! We're (finally) out of winter. The sun is warming our skin a little more, the trees are starting to bloom, and the bees are busy foraging. We can once again enjoy the sunny days and wear lighter sweaters. 

The same goes for your little one: it's time to adapt their wardrobe to the warmer weather! Wondering how to dress your baby for spring? Follow these tips.

Choosing the Right Clothes

Choosing the right baby clothes

What could be more pleasant than the return of spring? During this period, nature walks and outdoor adventures are more frequent. The urge to abandon wool sweaters and heavy coats becomes more pressing! 

However, it's important to make this change gradually to adapt to the still-unstable weather. Remember, spring is a season of transition: in a single day, we can go from blue skies to snowfall and from sunshine to rain! As for temperatures, they're still far from summery, and there can be big differences between the beginning and middle of the day.

To dress your baby properly, it's essential to select clothes strategically. The idea is to prepare an outfit that will get them through all weather conditions comfortably, without risking a chill or a stuffy nose

We’ll tell you now which spring clothes to choose for your baby.

mid-season kid outwear



For Head and Neck

Protecting your child's head and neck is essential, even in spring. On cool mornings, your little one stays well-covered. If they get too hot during the day, simply remove the accessories. 

On cooler days (19°C or less), have them wear a light hat and neck warmer. Choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton or polyester. These fabrics retain heat relatively well but are also breathable, preventing perspiration and moisture build-up.

For the Upper Body

Spring puffer jacket baby

For your baby's upper body, choose clothes that are warm enough but not too warm. Avoid heavy winter coats, which increase the risk of sweating. Once again, cotton and polyester garments will do the trick. They'll keep your little one at a comfortable temperature while avoiding "overheating" as the temperature rises throughout the day. 

Consider a spring set, specially designed for the season. Our one- and two-piece ensembles consist of a coat and pants made from recycled, waterproof, and water-repellent material. Perfect for hours of outdoor fun in cool weather! 

A relatively lightweight puffer jacket is also a good choice. Protecting your toddler from cold temperatures down to -30°C, its 100% polyester outer fabric means it won't get too hot during activities and other explorations. 

For toddlers, you can also opt for a one-piece sherpa suit. Soft, breathable, and adorned with little ears, it's the ideal option for keeping baby warm, while giving them an amazing look. 

For the Legs

Yes, spring is here, but it's not yet time to break out the shorts! At the beginning of the season, it's all about pants, and that goes for your baby too. 

For cooler days, opt for warm pants, preferably denim and thick cotton. On milder days, your baby will wear lighter cotton pants. On rainy days, there's nothing better than water-repellent pants to keep your little one dry. 

If the sun is shining, but you're still unsure about the weather, again opt for waterproof pants. Your toddler will be prepared for any bad weather. 

From May/June onwards, when the weather is milder, you can have them wear a nice pair of shorts. But be sure to bring a pair of pants with you, in case the weather changes.

For Hands

Spring is the time to start putting thick gloves in the closet. But with temperatures still relatively cold, it's always a good idea to have a pair of lightweight mittens with you in case of need. After all, a toddler's extremities are particularly sensitive to the cold. It would be a shame for chilled little fingers to spoil an afternoon of outdoor fun! 

So, for a spring day spent exploring or playing outside, have them wear a pair of knitted mittens. Soft to the touch, they'll be ideal for keeping their hands warm, and they are easy to remove when the thermometer rises again.

For Feet

For your little one's feet, don't hesitate to choose boots for a relatively cold day spent outdoors. Soft acrylic boots with insulating, removable soles are ideal for keeping feet warm and dry. 

In case of rain, and if it's not too cold, you can also opt for a pair of natural rubber rain boots. This is the best springtime option to avoid moisture build-up due to wet weather and perspiration. 

For toddlers in baby carriers, small cotton and acrylic booties will do the trick. 

In all cases, have your child wear a pair of fairly thick socks (unless the weather is above 21°C).

Be Forward-Looking

As the weather can change rapidly on spring days, it's a good idea to pack a few extra items of clothing if the weather turns cold! So, when you're out and about with baby, take along extra sweaters, pants, a tuque, a neck warmer, and mittens. 

Adapt your outfit to changing weather conditions. If the sun is shining early in the day, but you suspect a drastic drop in temperature, pack slightly thicker clothes. Conversely, a cold morning may give way to a milder afternoon, so plan for a few changes of lighter clothes if the temperature rises. 

And don't hesitate to bring along a small blanket, so you can wrap your little one up if need be. A practical option to avoid constant outfit changes!

Staying Tuned

Spring flowers blooming

With spring's more unstable weather conditions, choosing what to wear as an adult is a challenge in itself. Choosing baby clothes in spring? An even more complex exercise!

That's why the best way to select the right outfit is to listen. Your child will have no trouble telling you whether their clothes are comfortable, too warm, or too cold. So pay close attention to your child's cries, groans or, for older children, words.

Observe physical signs too. If the back of your toddler's neck feels warm and moist to the touch, it's probably because they’re too hot. Conversely, a white complexion and bluish lips indicate that they are too cold and need to be covered up quickly.

Don’t Forget to Dress Your Baby in Layers

baby clothes layer

If you grew up in Quebec, you're probably familiar with the onion-skin method! The principle is simple: your baby wears several layers of well-chosen clothing, easy to remove or add to depending on the temperature.

First, dress your child in a T-shirt, then a long-sleeved cotton sweater, and finally a fleece. Finish the outfit with a mid-season outer garment, like one of our one-piece sets. Light enough for a sunny day, but warm enough for still-low temperatures, these outerwear items make up the ideal outer layer for a spring outfit!


That's all for our tips! We hope they've helped you dress your baby for spring.

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