Teaching a Child to Fold Clothes

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How to teach a child to fold clothes

You’ve had enough! Overwhelmed by the amount of cleaning, laundry and dishes to do, you’ve had a sudden urge to summon the spirit of Marie Kondo to clean your house. It's simple however: without some extra help, you simply can't manage it all yourself anymore. 

Unless you have magic powers, and can summon up a clone,  there's only one solution: getting the whole family involved in the housework! Of course, your partner is already helping you, but what about the children? Is it possible to convince them to get involved in the tidying up even at the tender age of 5?

We have good news for you: the answer is yes!

If your little ones aren't ready to clear the table right away, it's still easy to show them how to fold their clothes in no time, and even make it fun! This technique won't solve all your problems, but it will be a small victory for your child.

Bonus? It can be great fun too!

Teaching a Child to Fold His Clothes: Our Easy Technique

Kids clothing fold

How can a child fold clothes easily? The answer is simple: with a piece of cardboard that requires only a few modifications!

It's more intuitive to fold certain pieces, like a pair of socks or shorts; folding a sweater can be more complex for little hands. Fortunately, a simple technique has appeared on the web to help us.

To Help Your Kids Fold Their Clothes, You’ll First Need a Few Accessories:

  • A pair of scissors ;

  • Some tape;

  • A large piece of cardboard.

Then Follow These Steps:

  1. Start by cutting two vertical strips on each side of your cardboard, making sure that the center portion is still wide enough;

  2. Take that same center rectangle and cut it in half horizontally;

  3. Tape the cut parts together on both sides of each piece. Make sure you can still fold them.

The end result should look like this:

Clothes fold cardboard technique

Image source: Pinterest

  1. Once you have your magic box, ask your toddler to lay their shirt flat on it (if he or she has to go over it several times before he or she gets it right, remember to give him or her room to experiment on his or her own. The idea is to make children more independent after all) ;

  2. With the cardboard "wings" on the left and right, tell them to fold the sleeves inward, starting with one side, then the other.

  3. Next fold the bottom part up. That's it! Not only is the shirt folded, but your child has done it while having fun and developing their independence!

If you're more of a visual person, be sure to check out this video:

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Have a good tidy up!