5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother's day gift ideas

It's almost time to celebrate the incredible women around us. The ones who get up early to make breakfast and drive the kids to school,  who unconditionally give kisses and hugs, who comfort, encourage and accompany... Our moms!

There are so many ways to show a mother appreciation on Mother's Day! But finding THE gift that will make her happy is not always easy. So, to help you find the right one, here are some ideas for Mother's Day gifts!

1 - Pretty Paired Bags

Is your mom passionate about fashion? Offer her a pair of twin bags to accompany her on summer outings! If you're interested in the second twin bag, keep it so you can be matchy-matchy with your mom. Otherwise, it's the perfect opportunity to give a gift to your little sister!

2 - A Handmade Gift to Express Your Love

What better way to show affection for your mom than by making her a handmade gift? You can make scented candles, photo frames, woven baskets or ceramic cups, etc. Embrace your creativity and offer a unique gift from the heart.

But don't worry; artisanal doesn't mean cheap! In the age of online DIY (Do It Yourself), there are plenty of tutorials. Just choose the item you want to give as a gift, and you're sure to find a video online to help you make it a reality.

3 - A Gift Certificate to Give Her the Choice

Can't find the perfect gift for your mom or a mom you know? Maybe she's known for her particular tastes in clothing, jewelry, or porcelain trinkets? The solution: give her a gift certificate to one of her favorite stores!

For moms who love to dress up their little ones, why not buy a Deux par deux gift card? This way, she can spoil her little ones with children's clothing that is both trendy and eco-friendly.

4 - Natural Skin Care Products to Enhance Her Beauty

With all the hard work they do for us, our moms deserve some relaxation. A nice hot bath, a soothing herbal tea and, of course, some skincare products are the essentials for a successful wellness session. 

For Mother's Day, give her natural products to purify, moisturize, and revitalize her skin and hair. The possibilities are endless, whether you find it online, buy it in a store or make it yourself.

5 - A Plant, for Moms With a Green Thumb

If your mom's favorite pastime is spending all her time in the garden, or growing the most beautiful indoor philodendrons, give her the gift of a plant! Citrus, monstera deliciosa, or ficus, the choices are vast to invite Mother Nature into your home.

What better than a plant to represent the love that continually grows and the bond that unites you? 


We hope these Mother's Day gift ideas will help you make the perfect choice to make your mom feel appreciated! And remember, being a mom is a full-time job. So there's no reason to wait until Mother's Day to give her a bouquet, write her a poem, or tell her you love her!