Cute Christmas Pajama Ideas for Babies

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Cute Christmas pajama babies

The holiday season is approaching! Soon it'll be time to dress your little one in adorable Christmas-themed pajamas.

To choose the right pajamas, two criteria need to be considered: style and material. That way, your baby's outfits are both festive and warm – all winter long!

Here are some ideas for cute Christmas pajamas for babies.

Cotton Pajamas

Holiday cotton pajama

Soft and warm, organic cotton is the ideal material to guarantee your baby a comfortable night's sleep during the winter months. Lightweight and breathable, cotton is perfect for retaining body heat throughout the night. 

Another advantage of cotton: it's hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, and it can be worn all year round.

So, choose comfy cotton pajamas for your baby. Organic cotton pajamas decorated with small checks, for example, will keep them warm through the night, and transport them to Santa's kingdom.

Festive Print Pajamas

Melt for adorable baby pajamas with festive prints

We particularly like these long-sleeved cotton pajamas with Christmas prints. On this set, sleighs, little trees, presents, and of course, unicorns, make your baby even cuter. All this, of course, while preserving their comfort, with its long raglan sleeves, crew neckline, and stretchy elastic waistband.

You can also opt for Christmas-colored pajamas: green, white, and red adorn your baby's outfit with their warm tones, immediately immersing them in the magical world of Santa Claus. Your little one will be transformed into a real little elf and is sure to become the star of your family celebration!

The Cosy Robe

What could be nicer than a plush robe or a soft blanket for winter mornings? Your little one will love wrapping up in this loose-fitting, comfortable garment with a soft feel. 

A cozy, hooded robe is also ideal for helping your little one feel at ease during family gatherings. Holidays are a busy and socially stimulating time, which can be tiring for children. Acting as a visual and auditory filter, the hood is an excellent way to retreat into their own world, for a little nap, for example.

Family Christmas Pajamas in Organic Cotton

Organic christmas pajama

Watch out for this adorable idea: match baby's winter pajamas to those of the rest of the family! What could be cuter than a little one dressed like Mom and Dad? 

Opt, for example, for organic cotton pajamas in holiday colors: come Christmas morning, your whole tribe will be wearing the same style. It’s a lovely way to express your bond while sharing an unforgettable holiday season with your little one.


Our matching family Christmas pajamas are breathable and comfortable. Decorated with a retro check pattern, little polar bears, or reindeer-pulled sleighs, they're perfect for a magical family Christmas. They're also suitable for everyone: little ones can wear one-piece pajamas while older children can wear two-piece pajamas, consisting of a shirt and matching pants. 

Supple, breathable, and soft to the touch, our organic cotton pajamas emphasize comfort and range of movement. They're perfect for a peaceful night's sleep but also for crawling through the living room to the foot of the Christmas tree! 

So, which Christmas baby pajamas are you going to fall for?