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Top 10 Spring Activities to Do With Your Kids

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The sun is finally back and the weather is warming up! As we all begin to rouse from our winter hibernations, in nature and the city alike, ideas for activities to do with your kids might not be springing to mind quite as readily as the spring flowers are popping up!

But spring has definitely arrived!

So if you are looking for things to do with your family, look no further! Here are 10 spring activities for kids, that you’ll enjoy too!

1 - Go to a Sugar Shack

Sugar shack spring activity

If you are in Quebec or Ontario, spring will automatically make you think that the sugar shacks are opening! This is, without a doubt, a must-do spring activity for the whole family.

You and your children can enjoy pancakes, eggs, sausages, and baked beans; all lathered in delicious fresh maple syrup.

And then for dessert, lest we forget the sheer pleasure of maple taffy!

2 - Go for a Hike

Hike with family

With the snow melting, it is the perfect time to rediscover one of the many nature trails near you. And the good news is: there are  A LOT of them in Canada!

Luckily with our ginormous country, it will be easy to find a trail that is perfect for your kids’ age.

Be sure to bring appropriate clothing for your children. Spring weather can be famously unpredictable, so we recommend that you bring layers suitable for all conditions (and even if the weather doesn’t change on you, you will at least have back up for when the kids inevitably start playing in the mud).

3 - Have a Garage Sale

Garage sale family activity

The best way to finish off your spring cleaning is by having a little garage sale in your front yard, or you know, in your garage. Make it a fun activity for the kids by offering them a portion (or all) of the proceeds.

This spring activity for kids is great for at least two reasons:

  1. It's a great way to get them involved in something that does not involve screen time;
  2. It's an old trick to get them enthusiastically involved in spring cleaning! “Do you want to sell some of the toys you don’t play with anymore? Clean your room and organize which ones you don't want anymore…’’.

4 - Build a Birdhouse

Build a birdhouse

With spring comes the return of songbirds and their beautiful melodies.

Why not try a little arts and crafts and build a little birdhouse for them? A fun activity and art project to do with the little ones, you can start from scratch or simply buy a prefabricated one that just requires assembly? Then just add seeds and the kids will love waiting for birds to show up.

Who knows, maybe it will inspire your kids to become ornithologists!

5 - Start Growing a Family Garden

Outdoor activity family garden


Gardening is a great way for your children to contribute to the family's pantry, and to learn about how things grow.

Teach the older kids how to plant seeds and pull weeds, and give the young’uns a watering can to help water the garden or lawn, at the very least it’ll be cute!

6 - Go for a Bike Ride

Spring family bike ride

Winter is over! It's time to get the bikes out of storage and start riding.

If your kids are old enough, and you are just a little bit of a handy person yourself, start by teaching them how to give your bikes a little tune-up. If checking chains isn’t really your thing, consider dropping the bikes off at the shop a few days before to make sure everything is up to snuff.

Then, discuss which route to take with the kids.

If you feel they can handle the responsibility, or want to see if they can, why not follow them on the bike path to see if your kids can take you to the next village, or simply discover where they know in the neighbourhood, or discover a new neighbourhood together?

Do your kids have bikes, but have grown out of their leisure clothes? You'll surely find everything you need, and they want, in our Active Girls and Active Boys collections.

7 - Have a Spring Picnic

Spring picnic fun activity for kids

Spring, with its blooming flowers, budding trees, and before the insects are out in full force, has everything you need to have an idyllic picnic.

Have the kids participate in this classic springtime activity by having them help fill up the basket with good food and goodies, and by having them help you find a nice field or hill where you can get set up.

8 - Visit the Park

Activities for spring park

Springtime means the parks will start to bubble with activity again. Go for a walk in your local park and see what you and your kids can discover, or bring along some gear and have a sports session in the park; it will certainly make your children smile.

Not to mention it is a great way for them to get some energy out while enjoying the nice weather.

9 - Try the Mini-Golf Course

Mini-golf activity children

Springtime also means the return of golf, and this can mean miniature golf for the little ones.

Mini golf is a novel idea that will not only get the kids moving but will also get them laughing.

But be careful to not lose your ball in the windmill!

10 - Camping in the Yard

Yard camping fun activity

With the return of the warm weather, the more adventurous among us can rediscover their love for sleeping in the great outdoors.

If you're a camping enthusiast yourself, a great springtime activity is to introduce your kids to the joys of sleeping under the stars (or in a tent). You can test if your kids will love it in a very safe setting by trying it out in your backyard!

And if your kids have already shown their enthusiasm for camping, that’s even better. You can take them on a ‘real’ camping trip in nature.


That's it! Hopefully now you're feeling inspired and have lots of ideas for spring activities to do with your kids!

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