5 Outdoor Activities to Do With Your Kids This Summer

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Summer activities for kids

Feeling uninspired? Don’t know what activity to do with your kids this summer? No problem! This year, we have decided to put together a list of outdoor activities for the whole family!

Here are five fun activity ideas to do forkids and adults alike.

1.  Flying a Kite in High Winds

Kids will enjoy kite

Kite flying is a fairly simple activity, but one that is sure to delight children.

After getting a kite - or making one with your kids - go to a vacant lot or a park that doesn't have too many trees, then show your kids how to fly it.

All you need is a windy day and enough leg muscles to run well on the first flight!

2. Searching for Treasures in Nature

Free summer activity kids

To get your kids to enjoy a day out in nature, why not organize a scavenger hunt?

  • If you live close to nature, you can take care of hiding the treasure yourself, and let your children discover it later;

  • Otherwise, there are applications such as Geocaching; with this you have to follow GPS points to discover hidden beacons while hiking. In these beacons, you can often find "treasures", such as figurines, messages or photos. However, be careful to bring some small "treasures" with you too, because you will have to replace the ones you take with new ones;

  • If you are in Quebec, there is also La Vallée secrète, in Saint-Raymond, which is dedicated to offering similar adventures with a fantastic universe and real maps!

3. Plan an Original Aquatic Activity

Fun summer activity water

Image source: Eco-Odyssey Nature Park

Across Canada, there are tons of activities you can do to enjoy the water:

  • The Eco-Odyssey Nature Park Water Maze;

  • A swim in a waterfall. For examplethe Rawdon Falls or the Shawinigan Falls in the Mauricie National Park;

  • An expedition to see some caves (for examplethe Trou de la Fée in Lac-Saint-Jean, the Trou du Diable in Saint-Casimir de Portneuf or the Saint-Léonard cave, and  many others);

  • A visit to an old ship or submarine;

  • A day out to a water park (a little less original, but still fun for the kids).

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4. Take part in a Horseback Riding Adventure on the Beach

Horseback riding summer kids

If your children are drawn to horseback riding adventures, taking a ride on the beach can be a great outdoor summer activity.

This activity is offered in Saint-Irénée (Charlevoix), for example, at Les Écuries Entre Vents et Marée. If you choose this stable, you will get to ride along the St. Lawrence River.

If you would like to ride a horse, but don't have a beach nearby, that's okay too; horseback riding is offered in many different places.

5. Live Your Passion Outdoors...from Your Yard

Family activity backyard summer

Sometimes the best outdoor summer activities are the most accessible!

If you feel like having fun without breaking the bank and you have access to a yard, use it!

  • Buy new flowers and vegetable plants to garden with the kids;

  • Organize an outdoor game tournament for your kids and their friends;

  • Plan a giant water fight;

  • Build a campfire and spend the evening by the fire with delicious marshmallows.

There is no limit to the universe you can create for your children. If they are of the age when they still marvel at everything, you'd better make the most of it.

Here Are Some Final Ideas for Outdoor Activities to Do in the Summer:

  • Tree-to-Tree;

  • Launching yourself into the void on a zip line;

  • Sleeping in a tree house;

  • Bird watching / star gazing;

  • Experiencing a safari with dinosaurs.


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