Where to Buy Clothes for a Teenager

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Where to buy teenager clothes

Ah, adolescence... a unique period when we assert ourselves to our parents and peers. It is during this pivotal phase that we also start to define our clothing style, an integral part of our identity.

Surely, we don't need to tell you that finding clothes for your teenager is not easy. It's an art form that consists of finding the balance between their very defined tastes, the available budget, and the durability of the clothing. 

For parents in need of inspiration, here is a guide to the best places to buy teen clothes.

In Carefully-Chosen Boutiques

Let's start with the obvious: clothing stores near you! With their extensive selection, you have a great chance of finding the perfect outfit for your teenager. Even the pickiest person is sure to find clothes that suit their tastes.

However, to avoid the scenario where you make one clothing suggestion after another, only to get a grunt or an exasperated sigh in return, it's best to plan ahead!

Before your trip to the mall, why not make a list of the items you're looking for, with their characteristics? Ask your teen to write down on their phone or a piece of paper what they want to find first, specifying the style. Then, once you've identified the most appropriate stores, go on a hunt for the perfect clothes together.


It's the perfect option for busy parents (and soft-spoken teens). Online shopping allows you to better target your research without having to leave the house. This saves time and energy!

From ready-to-wear online stores to local designer e-tailers and bargain sites, the possibilities are endless. 

With the Deux par Deux online store, you can satisfy your young fashion lover in a few clicks. You'll find eco-friendly teen clothing that's tailored to their refined tastes, such as this pretty pleated dress with floral motifs.

On Second-Hand Applications or Platforms

Second hand clothes app

In today's hyper-connected age, the world is at your fingertips! Just ask your teenager, whose eyes are probably glued to their phone as you read this. 

A multitude of mobile applications or online platforms exist to buy and resell clothes. For example, our platform RELOVE connects buyers and sellers from the Deux par Deux universe. You can find pre-loved clothes in perfect condition and at a lower cost. This is an ideal, thrifty option for fashion lovers.

More good news: you can also easily access our collections via the Deux par Deux application!

Given that 100 billion items of clothing are sold every year, these applications and platforms offer a great opportunity to reduce your ecological footprint.

Another plus of these vintage apps or platforms: the changing tastes of your youngster will no longer be a problem. Everything is done to facilitate the resale of clothes that are no longer worn. They’ll be able to go from their punk phase to their hip-hop phase without budgetary worries ;)