How to Dress a Baby for Skiing?

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How to dress baby for skiing

The big ski trip is coming up! You have everything planned for this fantastic winter excursion and are looking forward to the family's fun in the snow. 

But there's still a slight worry on your mind: what should your toddler wear during their sledding or skiing lessons? Their needs are quite different from those of an adult. A warm, waterproof outfit adapted to their body is essential to have a good time on the slopes. 

To dress your baby well for skiing, follow this guide!

Bring a Suitable Snowsuit

Snowsuit winter ski

The Carrying Jacket for Toddlers

Your baby is very young and can't walk yet? You can still enjoy winter activities with your baby by choosing a carrying jacket. This is a winter jacket with a compartment in which the child is placed. 

Toddler carrying jacket winter

It is designed to keep you and your child warm while allowing for comfortable carrying of your baby during walks in the snow. It respects the curvature of your child's back, but also your own body. And the cherry on top of the icy cake? The friction while walking causes your body heat to be transmitted to your baby's!

For the under layers of their outfit, choose a thermal polyester undergarment with a jumpsuit and warm socks. Your little one is now ready to experience the joys of winter!

A Comfortable Snowsuit for Older Children

best children snowsuit

If your little one is already on two legs, a snowsuit is an ideal choice to accompany them on all their snowy adventures. Waterproof, comfortable, insulating, and adjustable, it will keep your child warm while adapting to their movements, even in the coldest weather in Quebec!

Cover The Hands and Feet Well

Warm and waterproof mittens

Anyone who has lived in a winter climate knows that the extremities are always the coldest! And there's nothing more unpleasant than frozen hands or feet when you're going down a trail... 

To prevent this problem, equip your child with a pair of warm, waterproof mittens. They will allow them to be more mobile than gloves, making it easier to hold ski poles for example. 

With them, your little one will also be able to comfortably enjoy other winter pleasures, such as sledding or building a snowman!

Wool Socks and Winter Boots: A Must-Have

Hours spent playing around in the snow are so much fun, but only if your feet are dry! Like their hands, your child's feet need adequate protection against the cold and humidity. 

For all activities other than skiing, bring a pair of winter boots that are both warm and waterproof. To ensure you are making the right choice, choose boots made of soft material and capable of retaining heat. 

If possible, choose winter boots with absorbent and removable insoles. These will reduce moisture build-up during the day and make it easier to clean up after long sessions of outdoor play. 

Under winter boots, pack a pair of warm, breathable socks. Wool socks are a good option.  

For a baby in a carrier, choose booties or adapted leggings to protect the feet and legs.

Protect Their Head from the Cold and the Sun

Baby protection sun

Don’t Forget the Hat! 

To keep your little one safe during winter activities, there's nothing like a good knit hat! In addition to preserving heat, it's an adorable accessory that helps reflect your child's personality. 

There is no shortage of styles when it comes to toques! Knitted, tasseled, colored, or patterned, they will add cuteness and comfort to your baby's ski outfit. The ones with flaps will perfectly protect their little ears, perfect for long family walks on the mountain paths.

Sunglasses for Their Little Eyes

A snowy expanse as far as the eye can see is undoubtedly a dazzling sight! Yes, snowy landscapes will delight your child's eyes and imagination, but their brightness can also put s strain on their sensitive retinas.

To help your little angel see clearly and protect their fragile eyes, remember to bring along a pair of sunglasses. You can choose either a headband or temple sunglasses, depending on their age. Choose high-protection lenses and comfortable temples.  

With these few tips, your baby skier is sure to have the best winter ever!