How to Give Baby a Bath?

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how to give baby a bath

Do you remember the very first time you washed your baby with the nurse? For many, this key moment right after birth is an unforgettable experience.

As a parent, it's hard to put into words the magnitude of emotions you feel at each important stage of your newborn's life, and giving the first bath once you've come home is one of the milestone moments.

Of course, it's important to know how to do it properly.

So how do you give your baby a bath? Here is our little guide to help you avoid unnecessary stress and make the most of this special moment with your child.

First of All, When Should You Schedule the Bath?

You can give your baby a bath at any time of the day, except after feeding, because your baby is more likely to bring up their food at that time.

Bathing Your Baby in a Few Steps:

1 - Prepare the Necessary Accessories:

Baby bath supplies

Before starting the bath itself, we suggest that you prepare all the accessories you need and keep them on hand. This will facilitate the washing and drying process.

Here is a list of things to prepare before the baby's bath:

  • An appropriate baby bath seat

  • Mild soap with a neutral pH

  • A non-irritating shampoo designed for babies

  • A washcloth

  • A soft brush (for hair)

  • A towel

  • A clean diaper

  • Comfortable pajamas.

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2 - Let’s Do It! It’s Bath Time!

How to bathe newborn

Once the water is at the right height and temperature, you can put your baby in.

Start by washing his or her face with a little water (without soap) and rubbing gently with the washcloth. For the eyes, wash from the inner corner to the outer corner, using a different part of the washcloth for each eye.

To clean the ears, it’s best to use a washcloth or a wet cotton pad. It is best to avoid cotton swabs, as they can damage the inner ear. Remember to clean the back of the ears too!

To wash the neck and body, use mild soap and make sure to wash between the folds of the skin. For the extremities (hands, feet), spread your fingers and toes apart to properly wash each area.

The genital area should be cleaned every day and last of all.

Once this is done, the umbilical cord can be cleaned. Be sure to wash the area at the root of the cord with soap and water, and that's it! 

Warning: during this time, make sure you never leave your child alone without supervision! Accidents can happen quickly, especially at this age.

3 - Drying :

Dry baby after bath

To dry your baby, you have a few options:

  1. You can dry him or her completely once the bath is over. If you do this, make sure your little one doesn't get cold if the bath has been a little while.

  2. You can also dry his or her body as you go with the towel to minimize heat loss. 

  3. Then you can wrap your little one's body with a blanket once her body is washed, but leave her head free. This will allow you to brush his or her hair with a soft brush without letting the body lose too much heat.

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Baby Bathing Is Also a Family Activity!

For any parent, bathing can be an enjoyable experience and can deepen the relationship you have with your baby.

It's perfectly fine to share the duties with your partner and make bath time a family activity. So get out the toys and watch your little one enjoy a gentle session of cleaning and fun.

With a little practice, your confidence will grow, and the baby's bath will be worry-free.


Hopefully, this information will help you and give you the confidence you need to enjoy a great bath time with your baby without worrying.

At Deux par deux, we pride ourselves on our expertise in creating baby boy clothing and baby girl clothing. This informative article should not replace direct direction from your health care professional.