RELOVE: Second-Hand Clothes for Kids and Babies

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Second hand kids clothes

As we know, babies and children grow up fast. It's not always easy to follow the fashion trends, which also change at an alarming rate. We find a beautiful t-shirt that fits our little one, and after a few months, it doesn't fit anymore!

What if, instead of struggling to keep all those clothes in boxes for years, you were able to pass them on to the next one and receive money at the same time? What if you took the opportunity to buy other clothes at a lower price?

At Deux par Deux, we understand that the life cycle of a baby or child's clothing can sometimes be very short. That's why we've worked hard to bring you our second-hand clothing solution!

Our Solution: The Relove Platform

RELOVE logo vintage clothing

The RELOVE platform consists of a buying and selling space for all second-hand Deux par deux clothes.

No need to search for somewhere to sell or buy your children’s clothes in all the clothing stores in town or on social networks.

RELOVE was created to facilitate the process of buying and selling second-hand clothes, and therefore, to make your life as a parent easier.

How Does It Work?

RELOVE connects buyers and sellers with the small world of Deux par deux.

Using this platform, you can sell clothes that are now too small for your children and buy second-hand clothes at a fraction of the cost.

It's a great way to continue the useful life of those clothes, rather than watching them go out of style in a box or closet!

  1. For Buyers:

    • Go to the RELOVE platform;

    • Choose the second-hand Deux par deux clothes you like;

    • Pay for the clothes;

    • Wait for delivery to your home;

    • Validate the reception of the products;

    • That's all! It's as simple as that.

  2. For Vendors:

    • Go to the RELOVE platform;

    • Create your user account;

    • Create a new listing for the garment you want to sell;

    • Add a few photos;

    • Choose a price;

    • Then, publish it;

    • When the garment has been bought, organize delivery;

    • Receive money in the form of your choice:

      1. Get 70% of the resale value in cash for each item sold;

      2. Or get 110% of the resale value as a Deux par deux credit.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller: congratulations! You have just increased the lifespan of the clothes you bought/sold!

Why Use Relove?

There are many benefits to using our Deux par deux second-hand clothing platform. Here are a few of them:

  1. You give love (RELOVE) to clothes, which otherwise might end up in a box or in the trash;

  2. You increase the lifespan of all these clothes;

  3. You limit your ecological impact by being part of a more circular economy;

  4. You can earn money by selling clothes and buying other clothes at low prices;

  5. You have access to old Deux par deux collections that are no longer sold as new.

A Trip Back in Time to 35 Years Ago

Deux par deux was founded 35 years ago. Thanks to the RELOVE platform, you can now take a trip back in time - sometimes to our very beginning - and get your hands on some of our beautiful vintage clothing collections.

Clothing styles evolve, but in a kind of cycle. Yesterday's clothes may come back into fashion today. Thanks to RELOVE, you now have an opportunity to get your hands on pieces that are back on trend again, and to sell the pieces you don't like anymore!


Thank you for helping us increase the useful life of these clothes and limiting your environmental impact!