At What Age Can a Baby Start Skiing?

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What age for baby to start skiing

If you love to ski, you know the pleasure of racing down the slopes, the beauty of mountain landscapes, the joy of playing in the snow... Experiences you would like to pass on to your toddler. 

However, you might be unsure about when the best age is to start this wonderful winter sport. And we understand you! After all, your little one doesn't have the same physical abilities as an adult. 

In this guide, you’ll learn at what age your baby can start skiing, as well as a few tips so that your little one will quickly get the hang of this winter sport!

What Is the Best Age to Start Skiing?

Baby winter suit

A Sport Accessible at a Very Young Age

It may surprise you to learn that there is no “right” age for a baby to start skiing. 

As soon as your little one is clean and can stand up, they can start skiing! In general, the minimum age to start skiing is between 2 and 3 years, especially in group lessons. 

At this age, the child's body is developed and resistant enough to start learning to ski. Psychologically, from the age of 2-3, a child becomes capable of socializing with other children their age. 

A Question of Desire!

The other aspect to consider for a toddler who is just starting to ski is their desire to start

Does your little one really enjoy playing in the snow, or are they content watching their brothers and sisters ski down the slopes? In any case, they will certainly be happy to try this activity! 

The key is not to force your child, but to let them learn at their own pace. Group lessons are an ideal option for this. On the one hand, the lessons are supervised by experienced and patient instructors. On the other hand, they consider the possibilities and needs of little skiers, such as the inclusion of regular breaks.

Some Tips for a Successful Introduction to Skiing

Children ski introduction tips

Choose the Right Ski Equipment

To ensure that your baby's first ski experience is both comfortable and fun, the first thing to think about is their equipment. 

Your toddler's outfit should include: 

  • A big pair of warm and breathable socks;

  • Mittens that will keep their little hands warmer than gloves;

  • thermal sweater;

  • winter hat;

  • And of course, a baby ski suit adapted to their body and needs. 

Deux par deux snowsuits are breathable yet waterproof, made of eco-friendly materials, and designed to allow your baby to move freely. And the good news is that these clothes are also designed to grow with your little one!

For older children (4 years and up), a snowsuit designed specifically for skiing can help them develop their skiing potential. Our TEKNIK line, for example, includes PrimaLoft insulation, which, thanks to its thinness and superior quality, keeps them warm while offering greater freedom of movement.

4 years old kid ski snowsuit

With an adjustable helmet hood, boot openings, and waterproof pants with adjustable straps, it's all about maximizing fun and control on the slopes.

And with recycled REPREVE fabric, TEKNIK snowsuits are as eco-friendly as they are durable. 

Give Them Time to Regain Strength

Your child does not have the same endurance as an adult. To make their first ski sessions as enjoyable as possible, they must be encouraged to take regular breaks

If you're taking charge of their first slides, plan several breaks between runs. Group lessons, on the other hand, are always punctuated with snack breaks and games.  

Also, since the air is drier in the mountains, make sure your little one drinks enough water. 

So, are you ready to share this exciting winter activity with your child?