10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Children and Babies

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Children & babies gift ideas

The holiday season is fast approaching, and you may be starting to think about what gifts to buy for family and friends, whether young or old. Are you looking for new ideas for Christmas gifts for children and babies? We put together a special list of original and useful ideas to inspire Santa and his elves this year!

For the Little Ones

Looking for a gift for a young child this Christmas? Here are a few ideas that will melt the little ones and their parents:

  1. Soft Puppets

Kid puppet Deborah

The best companions for toddlers, some for life, plushies and puppets are always appreciated by the youngest. Whether they're adding to a collection of room comforters or becoming inseparable friends, they're sure to brighten up the holiday season!

To see different options, be sure to check out the Deux par deux puppets! Deborah the Wolf, Donato the Fox, Emmanuelle the Hedgehog, Irene the Fox, or Sarah the Rabbit could very well be the perfect gift for a newborn or young child.

  1. Snow Suits

baby snowsuit

To commemorate the first winters of the youngest, why not offer them stylish, warm, and comfortable clothes? With wetsuits, boots, mittens, and tuques, your little ones will be ready for a winter full of snowy fun.    

Discover Deux par deux collections of girls’ snowsuits and boys’ snowsuits for a well-wrapped up winter.

  1. Early Learning Games

Baby learning games

Looking for a stimulating Christmas gift for babies and toddlers? Pull-along modules, stacking toys, books, musical instruments... There are so many toys that can gently support babies' development. 

Explore all types of colors, textures, sounds, and shapes to stimulate the different senses, adapted to the age and stage of development of the baby. For example, the timeless Bajo stacking tower will always be appreciated. And as a bonus, any toy that can be chewed is baby-approved!

  1. Very (Very) Cute Outfits

Plush hooded baby cardigan

The holiday season is all about dressing up. It's the perfect time to get cute outfits for babies! Explore the very cute baby girl sets and baby boy sets offered by Deux par deux to find your favorites. This Christmas gift idea is sure to please the grown-ups too.

For Older Children

The holiday season wouldn't have the same flavor if it weren't for those brightly lit faces on Christmas morning. To mark this unique time of the year and create memorable moments, here are several Christmas gift ideas for older children.

  1. Funky Pyjamas

Family funky pajamas

Whether striped, floral, or decorated with your children's favorite animals, pajamas are essential for end-of-year family evenings. We love them warm, soft, and, above all, colorful to make sweet dreams in the arms of Morpheus. A Christmas gift idea for children that will mark the holiday season!

For a matching set for the whole family, discover the Deux par deux Holiday Pajamas.

  1. An Outing for the Whole Family

Family outing gift

To experience the holiday season in a new way and create memorable moments between young and old, we suggest the gift of quality time. 

This year, why not offer your older children a movie night, a family escape game, or a day of skiing and hot chocolate? Any activity is welcome, as long as it is out of the ordinary! Explore the Coffrets Prestige gift boxes to find original activity ideas to offer. This is a unique Christmas gift idea for children that can be enjoyed by many.

  1. Mother-Daughter Duo Bags

Mother-daughter bags

Christmas is also a time to create unique bonds between family members. To celebrate the mother-daughter relationship this year, we suggest an original idea for a child's Christmas gift: the Deux par deux mother-daughter bag duo. Proudly dress in the same colors and carry your belongings in the same bag, adapted to each one's size and needs.

  1. Models to Build

Models children gifts

Would you like to stimulate children's creativity during the holiday season? Here is an idea for a Christmas gift for children that will keep them busy for a while: scale models! Proving excellent exercise in patience, concentration, and creativity, they exist for all ages and preferences. For the little explorers, discover for example the magnificent Unicorn Toys spyglass

Princes and princesses castles, airplanes, dollhouses, or boats... This gift offers them the opportunity to create their own little 3D world!

  1. Board Games for Everyone

Board games christmas gifts

Board games are a great year-round option for spending quality time with your family. Perfect for rainy or cold days indoors and family evenings, they are synonymous with fun times. To get everyone involved, there are plenty of board games for all ages.

Explore the different choices of games in your favorite stores and don't hesitate to ask for advice to find the ones that will make you laugh all night long! For example, the Werewolf game provides hours of fun and intrigue for young and old.

  1. And Why Not... The Traditional Christmas Stockings?

Christmas stockings

Finally, in our list of Christmas gift ideas for kids, we bring you the grandmother-approved gift: Christmas socks! They come in all shapes, colors, textures, and sizes, and they are always a favorite to accompany snowy holidays.

To dress up your feet on ice skates, in front of the fire, or during sleepovers, discover a cozy choice of socks for girls and boys by Deux par deux.

Deux par deux: Stylish Gifts for Babies and Children

Would you like other inspiration or ideas for Christmas gifts for children and babies? Deux par deux offers a wide variety of accessories, clothes, plushies, and pajamas to dress your little ones with the seasons. Discover our complete gift ideas list to complete your Christmas list and find great gifts for the babies and children in your life!