Back-to-school trends: what fall/winter clothes do you need for your child?

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Summer is coming to an end. Warm days will soon give way to the cold, and warm clothes will replace dresses, shorts, skirts, and other summer outfits. 

So, how should you dress your child in fall and winter? This is the eternal question at this time of the year! To help you kit your children out fashionably, here are some ideas to inspire you! 

From knitted neck warmers to sherpa jackets, zoom in on the outfits that children and babies with style will be dressed in this fall-winter 2022 season!  

Children's fashion: the major trends for fall-winter

Before we suggest back-to-school outfits for your children, we’ll uncover the main fashion trends of this new season. 

  • See life in colour: the trend in decoration is colour, and children's fashion has not escaped this movement (surely a post-covid effect). Bright colours and graphic and flowery printed patterns can be seen on clothes. Winter is definitely going to be colourful!

  • Playing with materials: in terms of materials, our little ones' outfits will be textured. Corduroys, plush materials and embossed surfaces will be good choices for comfortable outfits. 

Keep the little ones warm: from head to toe! 

Parka warm children

The ultimate accessory when the air gets cooler, the toque is a must-have in every child's wardrobe. This fall and winter fashion staple is ideal for maintaining body temperature while adding a touch of style! And the good news is that our toques come in knit and jersey prints that will fit both boys and girls. 

4 perfect toques to bring style this fall/winter 

And for the more extreme winter temperatures, don't forget the knitted neck warmer, which will protect your children from the cold winds. 

With the cold, the layering technique!

If we could give you just one tip on how to dress your child in the cold season, it would be the layering technique. This is especially useful during the fall, when the temperature is changeable. 

Layering clothes helps avoid temperature shocks. In addition to preventing sweating, keeping your child warm and avoiding humidity, this method is adaptable; your children can put layers on or take them off depending on whether they are out in the cold or in the warmth of the house. Pretty convincing, right? 

Looking for ideas on how to dress your kids for the fall-winter season? Here are some tips to help. 

Put together a fall outfit in 3 steps:

Children fall clothes

  1. Pair a plaid shirt, which your child can wear as an overshirt, with a knit turtleneck.

  2. Complete the outfit with denim-effect fleece pants, so your little one can move freely.

  3. Protect your child on colder days with a transition jacket.

One last tip: as we know, lots of children have a passion for jumping in puddles of water, so remember to regularly waterproof their shoes with a suitable product.

Compose a winter outfit in 4 steps: 

Boy winter clothes

  1. Choose a cotton knit and leggings to avoid sweating

  2. Combine with a wool cardigan (to fight effectively against the cold)

  3. Complete the outfit with a puffy jacket to stay warm outdoors 

  4. Don't forget a balaclava to protect your face and winter mittens for your hands

  5. If required, you can also choose a one-piece children's snowsuit, made to protect your child from the vagaries of winter.

If your teenager is tempted to adopt an urban chic style, the Gym Class collection, designed in Montreal, is a perfect choice. 

Trendy and practical jackets

Parka, hooded coat, puffer jacket; when it comes to choosing a coat for your kids, there are plenty of styles and shapes to keep them warm. No matter what colour or style your boy or girl chooses, a jacket should be a practical and comfortable garment. 

For example, parkas will give your children freedom of movement while protecting them from moisture. A jacket with snaps and a removable hood will be easy to take off, and if you choose it in a basic colour, it will match perfectly with velvet pants, combining fashion and comfort. 

If you're short on ideas for the perfect jacket, check out our selection of girls' outerwear and boys' outerwear.  

Focus on children's accessories for fall-winter

Stylish children fall clothing

Ribbed leggings, a cap, or a headband: to effectively protect your little family from the rain and cold.

For girls, cotton tights or ribbed leggings will keep their legs warm. Finally, when it rains, don't forget boots (which have been making a comeback for a few seasons now).

For boys, hats, toques and neck tubes in jersey are perfect for keeping their heads warm, also giving them an extra touch of style. 


You now know all the tips for facing winter with peace of mind and how to find the perfect outfits for your little ones. If you haven't done your back-to-school shopping yet, don't panic! We've got plenty of school accessories for you!


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