Choosing Ski Clothing for Children

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how to choose children ski clothing

The winter sports season is well underway. It's cold when we leave the house and the ski slopes are covered in a nice layer of snow. It's the perfect time to go skiing with the family!

If this is your first time skiing with your family, you may be wondering how to choose ski clothes for your kids.

You'll see that it's not that complicated. Here are some tips to help you make the right choices.

The 3-Layer Rule

Little ones don't always realize how hot (or cold) they are when playing outside. The problem with outdoor winter activities is that it's easy to get hot while moving, and sweat can make you cold when you're at rest.

To prevent your children from experiencing discomfort, it is recommended to implement the "3-layer rule". This rule recommends wearing 3 different layers of clothing that can be easily removed or added as desired.

The 3 Recommended Layers:

  1. First, a thermal undergarment, which keeps you warm while keeping sweat away from your skin;

  2. Then, add a sweater or fleece (see our collection of boys' sweaters and girls' sweaters);

  3. Lastly, finish with a coat with snow pants or a one-piece snowsuit to create a final protection against the cold and the contact of the snow.


One-Piece Snowsuit or Coat With Ski Pants?

Choosing between a one-piece snowsuit and a jacket with ski pants for your child should be based on certain criteria.

For example, if you’re after maximum protection to keep the snow out when they fall, then a one-piece snowsuit is the best choice. It is ideal for a little one who is learning to ski and is at risk of falling repeatedly. One big disadvantage is that the one-piece snowsuit is harder to remove, which makes it more difficult when your child wants to pee...

Children one-piece snowsuit

On the other hand, a snow coat with snow pants offer more latitude when it comes to using the washroom, as they make it easier for your child to undress when needed. The downside is that snow is more likely to get in when your child falls. So, unless you have pants with straps that offer better support (this is the case with Deux par deux snow pants), you'll have to watch out for unexpected snow infiltration.

Kids two-piece snowsuit

In either case, be sure to focus on the fabric’s breathability. Without it, an activity as physical as skiing can quickly become a source of discomfort for your child.

The TEKNIK Collection

At Deux par deux, we've created a collection of clothing tailored to meet the needs of kids who enjoy outdoor activities, like skiing or snowboarding. Whether your child is a novice or an experienced skier, our TEKNIK kids' ski suits are breathable, super-insulated, and form-fitting. They are so well insulated and breathable due to high-performance PrimaLoft® insulation made from recycled materials. The hood is large, adjustable, and can be detached to make room for a helmet. 

In short, it's the ideal outfit for your child to make the most of their day on the slopes (and stay warm)!


Learn more about the TEKNIK collection

Other Winter Accessories!

Once you have chosen your ski clothing, your child will need a suitable hat and gloves (we always focus on the balance of warmth and breathability). Protecting the extremities is just as important as protecting the rest of the body, as these areas lose heat more quickly.

You should also consider ski goggles to protect their eyes from cold winds and UV rays. This is true even on gray days, as UV rays are reflected by the snow.


Now that you know how to choose your child's ski clothes, all that's left to do is have fun!