Tips for Dressing a Child During Springtime

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Dress child during springtime

The last of the snow is melting, the birds are singing again, and the air is getting milder... now that the nice weather is finally back, it's time for a new outfit!

For your child, this period of transition between two seasons is a bit tricky. You’ll have to dress them so they’ll be warm in the morning when temperatures are still low, but also cool when the temperature rises during the day. They must be prepped for their outdoor adventures!

Here are five tips for dressing your child for spring.

Adopt the Onion (Layering) Technique

How to dress kid in spring

During the spring season, when temperatures vary greatly, getting dressed properly can be a real headache... Especially with an energetic toddler! With all the activity, your child may be tempted to undress even though the temperature is only 10 degrees. 

To ward off a possible cold, use the "onion" technique: put on several layers that can be easily removed during the day. Dress your little one in a T-shirt, followed by a long-sleeved shirt, and then a fleece. Finish with a suitable outdoor outfit, like those in our spring collection.

Our outfits have several benefits:

  • ♻️ They are environmentally friendly, being designed in part with materials made from recycled plastic bottles;

  • 💦 They are perfectly waterproof: our textiles are treated with TEFLON Ecolite ™. Your children stay perfectly dry!!!

  • 💨 They are windproof, and the  coats and pants are lined with fleece to keep them nice and warm;

  • 💪 They are durable and long-lasting, thanks in part to their reinforced knee parts;

  • ✨ They come with adjustable cuffs and ankles, so they’ll match your little one's growth.

Avoid Cotton

Lightweight and breathable, you'd think cotton would be ideal for a child who is always on the move. However, cotton is also a highly absorbent fabric, which stores moisture. 

In spring, when rain is common and temperatures are still low, cotton should be avoided to prevent your child from getting cold. Instead, choose fleece or synthetic fabrics.

Keep The Extremities in Mind 

When looking for the perfect spring outfit for your child, strong extremity protection will save you time, energy, and money. Since the cold is most likely to be felt in the fingers and toes, covering them well will allow for hours of comfortable, uninterrupted outdoor play.

Choose wool socks, magic gloves, a warm scarf, and a jersey hat. Your toddler will also be able to remove and reapply them easily throughout the day.

Bring Appropriate Rain Boots

Spring outfit

What could be more fun than jumping in big puddles in the middle of a rainstorm? To keep your child's feet warm and dry during the wet season, equip your child with rain boots adapted to their needs. 

Our rain boots are made of 100% natural rubber, with a polyester lining for perfectly dry feet!

Adapting Your Outfit to Your Activity

Spring breeze Deux par deux

The most important factor in choosing the right spring outfit for your child is comfort! Choose clothes that will fit your child’s body type and allow for a wide range of movement.  

Generally speaking, prioritize practicality over fashion. This is especially true for clothes that are easy to wash. Something tells us that your little one's outfit won't remain immaculate for long... ;)