Best Kid Suits For Winter Sports

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Kid winter sports suits

Looking for the perfect winter suit for your child to enjoy their favorite winter sport? Not all snowsuits are created equal, so some research is required

To help you make the right choice, here is our recommended selection of Deux par deux clothing for winter activities.

Snowsuits for Playing in the Snow

Kid snow play suits

Whether it's for a quick outing or a snowball fight, your child needs a suit that will keep them warm whether the weather is chilly, cold, or freezing!

That's the case with the Deux par deux Play snowsuit collection, which is cold-resistant to -30°C (or -22°F) and has a proven waterproof rating (5000 mm). Available in one-piece and two-piece sizes, this collection is versatile, comfortable, and affordable.

See the PLAY collection

Play in the Snow, but with a Green Touch!

Recycled children snowsuits

If you're looking for clothing that is just as warm and comfortable but is also made with the environment in mind, then the RECYCL collection might appeal to you.

Like the Play collection, this collection has been designed to keep your child warm down to -30°C (or -22°F). As far as waterproofing is concerned, it is even better (we are talking about 10000 mm)! But what makes this collection really interesting is that it is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. This is a great way to combine ecological commitment with pleasure!

See the RECYCL collection

For Ski Descents: The TEKNIK Collection

Kid ski snowsuits

Skiing is among the many winter sports that require special clothing and equipment.  Not only do you need skis, boots, and goggles, but you also need a snowsuit that is designed to keep you comfortable despite the intense physical activity.

That’s why we launched the TEKNIK collection, which has all the features to become THE best kids' ski suit. The jackets and pants are form-fitting, breathable, and retain heat very well thanks to their high-performance PrimaLoft® insulation made from recycled materials. So, no problem with humidity because you were too hot on the last ski run! As for the hoods, they are large, adjustable, and can be detached to make room for a ski helmet.

With their resistance to -30°C (or -22°F), superior waterproofing (15000 mm), and high-performance insulation, they are perfectly adapted to young skiers and snowboarders.

And, as a little bonus, this  collection is also made from recycled materials.

See the TEKNIK collection

Finding the Right Child’s Suit: Criteria to Keep In Mind

If your child is involved in a winter sport, certain criteria are essential when choosing a snowsuit/suit in addition to them liking the style. 

Here is a summary of these elements, which we find in all Deux par deux children's snowsuits.

  • Warmth: Winter is cold. It is therefore important that the garment can keep the child warm, even when temperatures drop significantly;

  • Breathability: when playing a winter sport, your child will undoubtedly feel hot at times. The problem is that when they feel hot, they sweat and create humidity. If this moisture gets caught in the garment, your child will soon feel cold;

  • Freedom of movement: Feeling comfortable and free to move is important when doing physical activity. If your child is involved in a winter sport,, they will be much more comfortable with the ability to move around as they wish;

  • Upgradeability: kids grow up fast! To avoid changing snowsuits every year, some clothing companies focus on the "evolutivity" of their products. The evolutionary aspect is what makes it possible to adjust clothing when your child changes size. At Deux par deux, it's the technology we call "grow with me" and it's found on the sleeves of our coats and on our snow pants.

So, do you now have a better idea of what wetsuit or snowsuit to buy for your child? We hope we've been able to inspire you for your next big adventure in the mountains.

Have a great winter!