What to Take for a Slumber Party?

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What to bring slumber party

This weekend it’s time for a... pajamas party! The countdown is on, and it's time to think about all the things you need to pack for the evening and the next morning.

Whether it's your first sleepover or not, preparation is always a little stressful; of course, you will want to make sure you don't forget anything. To help you accomplish this challenge, we have prepared a list of tips on what to pack for a successful sleepover! :) Follow our guide!

What to Take In Your Bag for a Sleepover? 

First of all, you’ll need to think about the evening’s theme. Depending on the activities that will be happening, you will need to make sure you have everything you require without overloading the bag! 

For example, if outdoor activities such as camping are being organized, you will probably need to think about a sleeping bag or a flashlight! If there is a pool or hot tub on-site, you’ll need to bring a bathing suit, etc.

Your little ones don't have a swimsuit in their size anymore? Take a look at our boys' swimsuits and girls' swimsuits.

What Clothes to Bring?

The clothes will depend once again on the activities, but let’s consider the essentials first:

  • A change of clothes for the next day

  • One or two pairs of comfortable socks 

  • Underwear and a change of clothes just in case

  • And of course... comfortable pajamas. We'll come back to this in more detail! 

What Should We Put in the Toiletry Bag?

Hygiene products are a must! Sleepovers are an opportunity for your child to take the first step towards independence: getting ready alone, doing their hair etc., so let’s think about all the essentials that we use at home: 

  • A toothbrush and toothpaste

  • A comb, gel, or rubber bands, depending on your child's habits

  • A bath towel

  • Cream, shower gel, or shampoo adapted to your child's habits. 

Finally, if your child is on medication, don't forget to tell the parents who are organizing the sleepover! 

Finished gathering the necessary clothes and hygiene products? Now it's time to put everything in a practical bag to carry (a backpack or a sports bag will do the trick!). There you have it; first step validated!

Choosing the Right Pajamas

What would a good sleepover be without pajamas? The right pajamas are the ones that, apart from being good to look at, will also be super comfortable.

And with the right print, he or she will also be able to bring out their personality! 

No pajamas? At Deux par deux we offer pajamas for girls, as well as pajamas for boys between 2 and 14 years old. 

Whether your child prefers two-piece sets or one-piece pajamas, we have what they need!

From dinosaur, unicorn, and floral designs to more subdued ones, your child is sure to have a great sleepover! 

Here are a few suggestions of pajamas that we offer at Deux par deux! 

For little girls: 

Slumber party girl pajamas

On the left, for cat lovers, a two-piece organic cotton pajamas set with cat print.

On the right, a one-piece organic cotton pajamas set with roses print.

For little boys:

Slumber party boy pajamas

On the left, for dinosaurs lovers, a two-piece organic cotton pajamas set with dinosaur print.

On the right, a two-piece organic cotton pajamas set with a car print.

The Essentials for a Good Sleepover 

The bag is almost ready, the practical essentials are there, and we now move on to the highlight of the show: the entertainment and other essentials for a successful sleepover! 

What to Bring to Have Fun at a Slumber Party?

At a sleepover, we want to have fun and create memorable moments with friends!

First of all, find out the theme of the party from the person organizing it. This will help define what entertainment is planned so that your child can contribute to the activities without being left out!

Here Are Some Suggestions and Ideas for a Fun Sleepover: 

sleepover essentials overnight bag

  • Board games are always a good idea for sleepovers. They allow them to learn to live better in a group, to listen to each other, to respect rules, and to better manage their emotions. 

Board games allow children to get away from the screens and create precious moments of complicity. 

If your child likes a particular game, encourage him to play it so that he can feel comfortable introducing it to his friends. If you're looking for a suitable board game, there are specialized resources such as the BoardGameGeek website.

  • If your child plays a musical instrument, such as the guitar for example, it would be a good opportunity for him to take it with him. This would be a great opportunity to create a moment of togetherness by playing a few tunes for her friends. 

  • The tradition of girls' sleepovers is often to organize a makeup session, nail polish, facials... So remember to slip the necessary items in your child's bag if this type of activity is organized during the evening. 

Which Snacks?

Your child's host family will likely have a meal planned for the children. However, snacks are always welcome and are essential to a successful sleepover. 

Everyone loves to snack, and while we'd like to focus on healthy snacks, this is an opportunity to break the kids' habits! 

Here are some snacks ideas: 

  • Salted crackers, peanuts, chips, etc.

  • Candy

  • Chocolates 

  • Popcorn to eat while watching a movie

  • Dried fruit.  

In addition to snacks for the evening, you can also suggest that your child bring food for breakfast the next morning. Croissants, chocolatines, fruit, a pancake-making kit... There are plenty of possibilities!

Don't hesitate to ask in advance if any of the children have allergies in order to avoid any dangerous food. 


That's it! Now you know what to pack for a sleepover and can let your child go with peace of mind! We hope our tips will help your child have an unforgettable night with their friends!