7 Winter Sports Activities for Kids

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7 Winter Sports Activities for Kids

Winter is here, and with it, the pleasures of snow. It's time to put on your skis, embark on a nice mountain hike, or enjoy a hot chocolate inside during a snowstorm. 

The joys of winter don't stop there, especially if you have children! There are many ways to awaken their sense of adventure, satisfy their need to play, or simply spend some quality time with the family. 

Here are 7 winter sports activity ideas for kids!

1-Alpine Skiing or Snowboarding

Ski & snowboard kids activity

We couldn't pass up this classic! The joy of skiing is accessible from a very young age. As soon as they express interest, don't hesitate to let your child enjoy it, either with the family or in a group lesson. 

Just remember to equip your child with the right snowsuit to keep them warm and guarantee a fantastic experience. Our TEKNIK ski suits, for example, include several advantages. They are: 

  • Insulating, thanks to PrimaLoft® technology;

  • Perfectly waterproof;

  • Evolving, with adjustable parts to accompany growth;

  • Eco-responsible, as the fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles. 

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2-Cross-Country Skiing

Ski kids winter sport

Cousin of alpine skiing, cross-country skiing is an original and sporty way to explore the snowy landscape this winter. Your children will surely enjoy the exercise and the beautiful view! This is a great experience to share with your family to create lasting memories.


Snowshoeing with kids

Snowshoeing is another popular method of adventure on mountain trails. Snowshoeing allows you to enjoy the pleasures of hiking without any difficulty moving through the snow. This activity is perfect for children whose physical abilities and endurance are limited compared to adults.

4-Skating and Hockey

Ice hockey sport

For the artistic and the athletic, there is nothing like a good session on the ice! Perched on their skates, your little ones can work on their balance, dexterity, confidence, and creativity. Triple axels and pucks flying towards the goal - these ice sports promise glorious moments!

5-Snowball Fight

Snowball fight

What better way to let off steam than with a snowball fight? Have an unforgettable battle with your tribe in your backyard or a nearby park. 

Hide behind trees, bushes, and mounds, move at lightning speed, then launch your projectile at your target. The winner is the one who manages to hit everyone without getting hit by a snowball! 

For your little one to have a great time, ensure they have a warm, insulated snowsuit that adapts to their movements. 


Sledding in winter

For those who don't ski, sledding is a wonderful way to enjoy the thrill of sliding! With exhilarating descents and sporty lifts up the mountain, it's an activity sure to delight young and old alike. To top it off, why not end the session with a warm hot chocolate?

7-Fat bike

Fat bike winter activity

Fat biking is a winter sport activity that has become very popular in the last few years and is sure to please your children! Its big tires are specially designed to safely ride on snowy roads so you can explore nature with your family while enjoying a thrill. Fun guaranteed!

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