What Are the Best Baby Winter Boots?

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Choose best baby winter boots

Even in the middle of winter, your little wolves need to exercise. There's nothing like a long outdoor outing to play, exercise, and of course, let off some of that boundless energy!

But to get the most out of the fun under the snowflakes, it's essential to wear the right boots. Here's how to choose the best winter boots for your baby.

3 Things to Consider to Find the Best Baby Boots

1. The Right Insoles

Best insoles for baby feet

Let's start with the basics... literally! Good soles (inside and out) are the number 1 criterion for choosing the best winter boots for babies. 

Opt for a pair of boots with insulating insoles, which trap moisture rather than letting it through. Removable insoles are even easier to clean. 

Choose a stable, grippy outer sole to reduce the risk of falling, for example, during winter sports activities! The base of the shoe should be light and flexible to facilitate movement.

2. Waterproof Materials

Baby waterproof boots

They say, "play in the snow", and you say... "waterproof equipment," of course. As adventurous as they are, your little ones are just like everyone else: they don't like wet feet, especially at -15°C!

So, to keep their feet dry, choose completely waterproof boots. Materials such as rubber, water-repellent nylon, and synthetic leather will keep moisture at bay.

3. A Warm Slipper

Deux par deux winter boots

If you're not properly covered up, the cold can be synonymous with colds and frostbite. To protect your children from these little inconveniences, it's important to keep their feet warm. 

While the outside of a boot is designed to keep out moisture, the inside is normally designed to keep feet at the right temperature. The inner lining of your baby boots should ideally be made of a material that retains heat and doesn't let moisture through. 

Our unisex winter boots feature a felt liner. This is removable for easy cleaning. With their synthetic leather outer lining and light, flexible, waterproof base, they're perfect for all your little ones' snowy adventures. These boots also feature a fleece ankle strap to keep them warm and fashionable.

How to Find the Right Size Baby Boot?

Baby boots size guide

Choosing the best winter boots for a baby also means finding the right size. The boots should be big enough to give your child room to move around, but also big enough to wear warm socks. 

To find the right boot size, measure your little one's foot, from heel to big toe, while they’re standing. Then, add about 2 cm (or ¾ “) to the length of the foot. Finally, consult a size guide to find the length obtained on the "insole length" line. 

With these tips, we bet you'll find the perfect pair of winter boots for your little one!