Clothes for My Child (Spring 2024)

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How to dress kid for springtime

The warmer weather is slowly approaching. You still have your winter clothes to hand, but you realize that the weather is getting warmer.

When spring arrives and you're caught between warm and cold weather, it's time to invest in the right clothes. For inspiration, here's our 2024 guide to children's spring clothing!

Spring, a Very Special Season

Spring is a special season. Sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's hot, sometimes it snows, sometimes there is constant sunshine... The transition between a frozen winter and a sunny summer can be complex.

From a clothing point of view, the challenge is to adapt your children's wardrobe to these often rapidly changing weather conditions.

What to Wear in Spring

Kid style clothes

To cope with this changeable weather, your children need clothing that is snow- and rain- resistant as well as breathable.

A Warm, Breathable Spring Suit

So your child can play outdoors when the weather's nice, and even when it's not so nice, a mid-season suit is simply essential in any wardrobe. Whether it's a one-piece or a two-piece, a quality spring suit must meet the following criteria:

  • Be warm: So your child can play outside in comfort on colder days.
  • Be waterproof: Because snow and rain mean wet clothes! Equipped with a waterproof spring suit and cute rain boots, nothing can stop your child's outdoor adventures.
  • Be breathable: So your child doesn't get too hot on warmer days or during physical outdoor play.

One-Piece Spring Wear

one-piece boy spring wear

A one-piece spring suit, like this beige kids' outdoor jumpsuit, offers many advantages for parents. Easy to dress and offering ideal protection from the elements (no snow getting in!)This type of jumpsuit is excellent for active kids.

Two-Piece Spring Clothes

two-piece girl spring wear

For parents who prefer flexibility, two-piece spring outfits have the advantage of being easy to remove and more adaptable as children grow. No need to change the whole outfit when a mid-season coat or pair of pants just won't do!

Then, Waterproof Boots

Children rain boots

For rainy or wet days due to melting snow, warm, 100% waterproof boots are essential. So your child can have fun outdoors, whatever the conditions, it's best to have a pair of quality boots on hand! Just think of these floral-print boots or these boots with cute dinosaur designs.

Spring Means Multilayer

As spring tends to have a changeable weather pattern, a popular technique is the 3-layer technique. This technique, useful for children and adults alike, ensures that we can adapt quickly to the vagaries of the weather. It involves putting several layers underneath a coat or one-piece suit, so they can be removed if the weather turns favorable.

Spring Clothes by Deux Par Deux

Spring clothes kids

At Deux par deux, we've got a host of mid-season garments for your kids. Warm, flexible, breathable, and above all, waterproof, they have everything you need to accompany your child on outdoor expeditions. They'll suit the child who runs non-stop as well as the one who enjoys the last moments of winter, comfortably settled on a pile of melting snow.

Discover our SPRING collection!

Deux par deux mid-season collection