6 Gift Ideas for a 5-Year-Old Girl

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Gift ideas 5 year old girl

The holidays are coming up, and it's time to treat the little ones in your life! Maybe you’re keen to give a wonderful present to your 5-year-old granddaughter, niece, or daughter... But what present could she possibly want? 

If you're feeling a little lost, don't panic. Here are 6 gift ideas for a 5-year-old girl. There's something for (almost) everyone!

A Dress to Feel Beautiful

Two-material dress girl

Is your little one more the fashion-forward type and already appreciates pretty clothes? Choose a dress with a unique style that matches her personality. The looks are endless—from floral to sober to eccentric—you're bound to find the perfect dress for your little girl. 

We particularly like this two-material dress, featuring a long-sleeved black top and a plaid tulle skirt. For an elegant look that will satisfy ballet lovers and hard rock fans alike! 

A Building Set to Create Her Own World

Pomango building set gift

If your 5-year-old daughter loves designing houses, cities, and entire worlds, why not give her a construction set? It's the perfect gift to unleash her creativity and architectural talents!

While you're at it, opt for an eco-friendly building set, made from materials that are safe for both your child and the planet. This wooden rainbow building set from Pomango promises hours of fun for your little one; the only limits are those of the imagination!

Colored Pencils to Express Your Creativity

Faber colored pencils

When you're 5 years old, you're bursting with inventiveness, and the urge to give shape to your ideas is already there! It's a creative impulse that should be encouraged because working on creativity from an early age has many benefits for children. These include improved self-esteem and a greater ability to express emotions. 

To encourage a budding artist, give her a box of crayons. These eco-friendly pencils from Faber-Castell produce vibrant, long-lasting colors. Look out, great art heading your way!

A Shoulder Bag, for a Mix of Style and Practicality

Girl gift shoulder bag

With a pretty shoulder bag, your daughter will be all set for family outings or trips to the park with her girlfriends. It's both trendy and useful to contain toys/objects that you want to take everywhere with you, so it's sure to be the envy of many! 

Among our many options, the pink faux fur shoulder bag with brown flowers is a very popular choice. It's easy to wash and offers plenty of space to keep toys and snacks.

A Board Game for Family Fun

Bora fruta board game

To really please your 5-year-old daughter, simply share some playtime together! As well as awakening and shaping young minds, games are an excellent way of strengthening family bonds. 

When it comes to board games for children, the possibilities are endless: games of speed, collaboration, or reflection, there's something for everyone. Take Bora Fruta, for example, a challenging game with the chance to taste a delicious ice lolly...

A Hat for Warmth (And Fashion)

Warm peruvian girl hat

With the colder months just around the corner, there's nothing better than a nice, warm hat to protect your blonde head. All this, of course, while staying on trend!

This lavender-colored Peruvian hat is ideal for your 5-year-old daughter. With style and originality, it will keep her little ears warm during outdoor excursions. Ready for adventure! 


We hope these gift ideas for a 5-year-old girl have given you some inspiration! Is your daughter a little younger? Take a look at our article on gifts for a 4-year-old girl.