Gifts 4-year-old girl


Gift Ideas for a 4 Year Old Girl

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It's your 4 year old's birthday soon and you'd like to give her a great gift? We've come to the rescue!

Here is our list of the best gift ideas for a 4 year old girl.


1 - A Colorful Dress

Pink dress little girl gift

Cute and colorful, the cherry print dress will be a great gift as summer approaches.

The mix of colors will definitely please your little one, and its light style will bring her more comfort on warmer days.


2 - A Magic Drawing Roll!

Atelier rue tabaga magic roll

To develop the artistic sense of a 4 year old girl, we suggest a little magic!

The magic roller from Atelier Rue Tabaga allows you to create multiple works of art using water-based paint on the same paper. Once the paint is dry, the work disappears and your little one can start a new one!


3 - Scrunchie and Headband Set

Printed Scrunchy and Headband gift

A beautiful scrunchie and headband set is both a useful gift to organize a little one's hair and to please parents.


4 - Funny Face Game

Jeu des grimaces

A simple game that will make little ones laugh every time, the grimace game has the advantage of having few rules and of making the memory work.

All the ingredients are there to make it a great gift idea for a 4 year old girl.


5 - Telescope

Talking telescope gift girt

It's never too early to develop a passion for astronomy!

If the little one you're looking for has a tendency to look up at the sky with curiosity, then this talking telescope is the perfect gift.



6 - A Set for the Pool and the Beach

Gift swimsuit beach kit

For greatdays at the pool or beach, a new set including swimsuit + cap + shorts is also a lovely gift idea for a 4 year old girl.


7 - Sweet Dreams Set

Beau reve gift kid girl

If she's a little one who sometimes has trouble falling asleep, a set of pillow mists can be a nice solution.

A set like this one from Souris Verte leaves a pleasant scent on the pillow and encourages sleep with its chamomile and lavender mist.

8 - A Musical Instrument

First musical instrument girl

A great gift for a little girl who loves music is a first musical instrument to develop a 4 year old girl's musical skills.

Just make sure her parents have enough patience to put up with the occasional false note at first!


9 - Organic Cotton Pajamas

Cotton pajama 4 year old

Giving a new pair of comfy pajamas is also a great idea.

For example, these organic cotton unicorn pajamas for little girls are perfect for watching TV with the family right before bed!


10 - A Giant Poster to Color

Giant poster rue tabaga

To develop the artistic sense of a 4 year old girl, we suggest you offer her a giant poster to color. This one can be colored in multiple sessions, and can be hung on the wall when finished.

Take another look at Atelier Rutabaga to find several models.


Other Ideas for Gifts of Clothing

Being a clothing company, it goes without saying that we have a lot of ideas for clothing that you could give as gifts.

Here are a few of them:

A Recycled Puppet

Gift 4-year-old girl Irene la renarde

Made from vintage fabrics and trimmings, the Deux par deux Puppet Collection may be just the thing for your 4 year old who would like  a new friend. Several cute models are available.


Another Pretty and Colorful Dress

Gift girl dress

Yes, it's the second dress on this list. As it's one of our most popular dresses for young girls, we thought we'd mention it.

This dress is plain at the back, and features cute colorful butterflies on the front. The sleeves are "ruffled" and the neckline is round.


T-shirt + Shorts Set

Gift t-shirt shorts set

Another gift idea is a clothing set that includes a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. Salmon colored, with cherry patterns, these pieces are both cute and comfortable.

You can find them here :


A Floral Tunic

Child girl floral tunic

Quite adorable, this poplin tunic features patterns of flowers, butterflies and birds. It is very colorful and not hard to put on for the little ones.


A Denim Shortall

Denim shortall deux par deux

You may have already noticed, but in the last few years shortalls have made a comeback! So as another trendy gift for a 4 year old girl, we suggest the pink Deux par deux denim shortall.


A Headband

Headband girl gift

Does your little one have a lot of hair and is she the type of person who likes to be active? To keep her hair out of her face when she's physically active, a headband can be very helpful.

We recommend looking at our colorful fish scale headband (or one of our headband variations).



So, did you find the gift you were looking for? If you're not sure yet, we've got plenty of other great clothing gift ideas for a 4 year old girl.

Just browse through the large selection of Deux par deux products and we're sure you'll find plenty of inspiration.