How to Dress a Child in Winter?

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How to dress child winter

The cold weather is here, but that's not going to stop your little one's adventures! On the contrary, from snow games to snowy escapades, the winter season offers a variety of fun and activities for your child.

The key to making sure they have a good time is to keep them well-covered. Multiply the layers of clothing, choose a coat wisely, think of mittens and a toque... We offer some suggestions on how to dress a child in winter.

Think “Multilayer”

Kid multilayer winter

When it comes to our harsh winters, layering really is the way to go. Having your children wear several layers of clothing is guaranteed to keep them warm and dry in all circumstances. But not just any way! 

Multiple layers of poorly chosen clothing can lead to your little ones sweating, especially when they're active, increasing the risk of a cold snap. So forget the dozen wool and cotton sweaters, which keep your child warm but also retain moisture. 

To really keep your child warm without risking a cold, apply the "three-layer" principle:

  1. Base layer: This layer wicks away perspiration. It consists of a garment that lies close to the skin, preferably in a material that doesn't retain moisture. Avoid cotton and opt for merino wool or polyester, as in this set of thermal underwear
  2. Mid-layer: Retains body heat while wicking away moisture. For this second layer, a fleece jacket is ideal. Its thickness depends on the temperature. For colder days, a simple knitted sweater will also do the trick! 
  3. Outer layer or shell: This layer protects your little one from the elements (snow, rain, and wind). It usually consists of a winter coat and waterproof pants, or a snowsuit.

Choosing the Right Winter Coat or Snowsuit

Best kid winter jacket

The choice of the outer layer is particularly important, and there are many options when it comes to children's winter coats, pants, and overalls. 

For a coat, we recommend a long garment that protects your little one up to the knees. Choose a padded, waterproof coat to keep your child warm and dry on snowy days. 

You can also opt for a one-piece or two-piece suit. There aren't really any criteria for choosing between the two versions, apart from style! Take a look at our Play, Recycle, and Teknik collections of snowsuits and coats, and discover a variety of Montreal-designed looks.

Don’t Forget the Accessories!

Children winter gloves

When it's cold out, dressing your children also means keeping their extremities well-covered. To do this, we call on the inevitable trio of socks, gloves, and hats. 

A good pair of wool socks will keep feet at the right temperature. You can even double them up with a simple pair of fine cotton socks. 

Little hands will love waterproof mittens, perfect for sledding and other snow sports. Choose mittens with elasticated cuffs, for example, to keep the snow out. 

Finally, to protect their heads, let style be your guide: balaclavas, Peruvian knit hats, or classic hats, there's something for everyone! 

Now you know how to dress your child for winter in Quebec. And for toddlers, check out our article on how to dress your baby for winter.