What to Put In My Teen’s Christmas Stocking?

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Teen stocking christmas

The teenager, that mysterious creature with ever-changing moods... 

With tastes as fickle as they are specific, it can seem difficult to please them this Christmas. And yet, there are options that are sure to delight them. Yes, there are! 

To prove it, here are a few stylish gift ideas to slip into your teen's stocking or place under the tree. Smiles (almost) guaranteed!

A Very Stylish Dress

Girl teen stylish dress

During the teenage years, a stylish dress can make all the difference when it comes to making a sartorial statement and feeling chic. For a teenager, however, avoid dresses that look too "princessy". Instead, opt for a garment that mixes styles, combining streetwear and femininity.

Opt, for example, for a two-material dress that reflects both your teen's delicate, feminine side and her active, energetic side. We love this fun sweater dress, with its black cotton sweatshirt and contrasting plaid skirt.

A Vintage Sweater

Vintage teen sweater

You've often caught your teenager rummaging through Grandma’s or Grandpa's wardrobe, looking for a rare gem. Vintage clothing is particularly popular with young people, especially knitted sweaters. 

If you don't want your teenagers to steal their elders for good, give them a sweater with a retro look. With its Claudine collar and contrasting dots, this knit sweater with angled sleeves will breathe old-world elegance into any outfit. For a more sober, casual look, choose this gray gradient knit sweater, for example. 

And if you prefer to leave the search for the perfect vintage garment to your child, suggest they visit our Relove platform. It's the perfect place to find second-hand Deux par deux garments!

A Warm Hat

Peruvian style black hat

In the middle of winter, what better gift for your teen than a warm hat? Not only a fashion accessory but also must-have headgear when temperatures are in the negative, it's sure to be a hit. 

We're particularly fond of the Peruvian-style hat. With its braided tassel ear flaps and pompom, it's sure to give your teenager an original look. Made from wool, nylon, and acrylic, with a polyester lining, it's pleasant to the touch and retains heat perfectly.

A Trendy Handbag

Teen girl trendy handbag

The ultimate fashion accessory for your teen? The handbag, or its utilitarian alter ego, the fanny pack! It's the ideal Christmas gift, allowing your teen to carry their belongings with ease while making a style statement. 

For the quirkier, we've set our sights on this adorable floral fur bag. Heart-shaped and featuring a chain strap, it'll let your little one express her most tender side, but also her rock side! For a more streetwear look, we prefer this chic, sober black fanny pack.

Colorful stockings

Blue, red and pink colorful teen socks

Teenagers may have a temper, but they also appreciate a good laugh. To please them and (finally) bring a smile to their face, slip into their Christmas socks. But be careful, not just any socks: colorful, original socks!

This pair of jacquard-patterned socks will add a colorful touch to her outfit while keeping her feet nice and warm. Wear them when out with friends... even if it makes them a little jealous ;) 

So, which of these gift ideas will win over your teenager? 

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