Where to Donate Children’s Clothing?

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Donate children clothes

Children grow up so fast! If you've already got too small clothes piling up and taking up unnecessary closet space, maybe it's time to get rid of them.

The good news is that there are many options for getting rid of old children's clothes while helping other families. To help you find the right associations, we've put together this short guide. 

Here's where to donate children's clothes!

Donate to an Association

Many associations recover clothing to give back to families in need or to resell to finance their activities. In Canada, we can think of the Salvation Army, Diabète Québec, etc., but there are plenty of options around. 

Here are a few examples of associations where you can donate your children's clothes:

Put Clothes in a Donation Box

If you're in the city, you can usually find many donation boxes. Take a look at the ones in your neighborhood and see which associations they belong to. All you have to do is drop your clothes in the box. They will then be sorted, cleaned, and resold by the association.

Some of the existing donation boxes:

Donate to a Second-Hand Store

Some boutiques are dedicated to reselling second-hand clothing and objects at low prices to help families in need. Examples include Renaissance and Comptoir d'Emmaüs in Quebec and Goodwill in Ontario.

You can visit these boutiques directly, knowing that your donations will help keep the local economy going. At the same time, you give shoppers the opportunity to find interesting clothes at a good price.

Find a store where you can donate your clothes:

Relove by Deux par deux

Relove deux par deux

But if you're a Deux par deux customer, we've got the perfect platform for you. We've launched the Relove platform, which allows Deux par deux customers to buy and resell second-hand children's clothing.

It enables sellers to offload certain items at a good price and buyers to find clothes from previous collections.


We hope this short guide has helped you. As this guide focuses mainly on large cities, it's possible that the associations concerned are not located close to where you live. In that case, don't hesitate to contact your local town hall or do a quick search on Google Maps. You should find a suitable place to donate your children's clothes.

Happy searching!

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