How to Fold Baby Clothes Easily?

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how to fold baby clothes

Are you a new parent who doesn’t yet know all the science (sometimes quite complex) of folding baby clothes neatly?

Don't worry! Knowing how to fold baby girl's clothes and baby boy's clothes is not that difficult. Here's a quick guide to help you become a real pro!

How Do You Fold Baby Clothes?


To fold a romper (or diaper cover), two techniques are commonly used.

Technique #1:

  • Leaving the bottom opening open (without closing the buttons), lay the romper/diaper cover inside out on a flat surface;

  • Then fold both sleeves inward while folding a small portion of the romper/diaper cover inward each time (this is the classic folding technique you would use to fold a cotton ball or t-shirt);

  • Next, fold the bottom opening of the bodysuit so that it meets the rest of the bodysuit and fold it twice from the bottom;

  • That's it! All you need to do now is put it away.


Technique #2:

  • Still leaving the bottom opening open, this time you will lay the romper/diaper cover right side up on a flat surface;

  • Then, bring the two sleeves towards the collar. However this time, don't touch the romper/diaper cover itself during this step! Only the sleeves need to be folded;

  • Then roll the romper from the top down and stop just before the opening;

  • Once this is done, take both sides of your rolled-up romper/diaper cover and bring them towards the centre;

  • Next, grab the area of the opening that was not rolled-up with the rest of the duster/diaper cover and come to "wrap" the rest of the folding;

  • Fold down the tab with the buttons;

  • Then, close the whole by binding the buttons to their bases.


To fold a one-piece suit, the approach is basically the same as the #1 coverall technique, but with some slight nuances.

  • Start by placing the suit upside down on a flat surface;

  • If the suit has a hood, fold it down towards the centre;

  • Then, fold the legs so that they are facing upwards;

  • Then, fold the two sleeves inward while folding a small part of the suit inward each time (as you would normally do with a wadded cotton or t-shirt);

  • Then, fold the suit in two times from the bottom to the top;

  • And that's it! All you need to do is put it away.


  • When folding pants, always start by placing them on a flat surface. This time, laying them right side up will do;

  • Fold the left leg over the right leg. Make sure both legs are facing each other, and that the crotch is folded too;

  • Then, fold the pants from the bottom to the top in 3 times.


  • To fold a pair of pajamas, start by closing the zipper or tying the buttons and lay them on a flat surface;

  • Then fold the pajamas in half by bringing the feet towards the collar;

  • Then, fold the sleeves by bringing them towards the centre;

  • Fold the pajamas in half from the top to the bottom, then from the left to the right;

  • The result will be quite compact and can be easily stored in a drawer or cupboard.


When folding socks, it is advisable to avoid leaving them in a ball. This will cause the elastic to stretch and shorten the life of the socks.

Instead, use the following technique to maximize their life:

  • Lay the socks flat (with the heel folded over the socks);

  • Lay the two socks on top of each other;

  • Then fold the top sock in 2 times starting with the bottom part;

  • Then place the folded sock on the heel of the second sock;

  • Fold the second stocking so as to wrap the first one within it;

  • That's the ingenuity of this technique: when you fold the two sides of the second stocking towards the centre, make sure to insert the end of the toes into the opening. This will trap the first stocking and hold it together;

  • The whole thing will form an envelope that holds your two socks together and can be stored neatly.

Or an even easier technique:

How Do I Store My Toddler’s Clothes?

Now that you know how to fold your little one's clothes, you need to know how to store them! Just like storing children's clothes, there are several techniques for storing baby clothes.

The Traditional Method of Storage

The first is the traditional method, which aims to stack the clothes on top of each other in drawers. This method can be practical if you are an organized person and like to classify the different drawers by clothing type.

Otherwise, it can quickly become chaotic.

The ‘Konmari’ Method

And the second is the famous KonMari method by Marie Kondo. Perhaps you have already heard of it?

It's a method that was talked about a few years ago. Based on 6 precepts, it is centred on categorization and aims to keep only the objects/clothes ‘that bring you joy’.

Each garment is folded with a particular technique so that it can stand upright, and therefore, be easily stored.

If you're interested in seeing more, a short YouTube search should provide plenty of information.


That's it for this guide.

We hope you found it useful in your learning process.

Do you have an older child and would like to teach them how to fold their clothes? Read our article "Teaching a Child to Fold Clothes".