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Sorting and Organizing Children's Clothes: Our Practical Guide

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Do you have children? If so, you must know that tidying up is not always their priority. Toys, food dishes, game consoles... it's not uncommon to have to get behind your kids to put everything away.

You’ll also have to sort out the clothes littered around the room. You thought you had everything neat and tidy, yet in just a few moments, you feel like a hurricane has passed.

So to help you in your fight against clutter, here is our little guide to help you sort out your kids' clothes!

Start by Sorting Out

If you can't keep your kids' clothes organized, it may be because they have too many clothes. So the first step is to sort through the clothes to make sure you only keep the clothes they still need.

To find out which of your children's clothes you should get rid of, ask the following questions:

  • Do you still love it?
  • Does your child still love it?
  • Is it still in good condition?
  • Does it still fit?
  • Does your child find it comfortable?

If you answer no to one or more of these questions, it may be time to part with that garment. Unless it is too damaged, we recommend that you look into a donation center so that someone else can benefit from it.

Sorting Using the “Konmari” Method

Another way to figure out which of your children's clothes you need to get rid of is the "KonMari" method, by Marie Kondo.

The method consists of keeping only the things that bring joy (to you, or your children) and getting rid of the rest. Then you can sort the items into categories and you'll see much more clearly.

Sorting With the 3 Piles Method

You can also sort your children's clothes using the 3-pile method. Start by taking out all of your children's clothes, then sort them into 3 piles according to the following logic:

A pile of clothes that are still good; A pile of clothes that are too small. You can pass these on to your younger children, sell them or give them away; One last pile of clothes that are too old and damaged. These can be used as rags or donated.

Putting Away Your Children’s Clothes

Once the clothes are sorted, it's time to put them away. Here are some techniques to help you organize them.

1 - Use Hangers (Lots of Hangers)

Sorting children's clothes

Hangers are great for several reasons. Not only do they allow you to organize a lot of clothes in a small space, but they also allow you to get a quick overview of clothes without having to rummage around.

If your kids' rooms have closets, then start by buying lots of hangers and storing as many clothes as possible on them.

2 - Add Dividers to Drawers

Kid dressor separators


A dresser rarely has more than 4 or 5 drawers. To prevent clothes from getting mixed up with each other, you can add dividers.

These will allow you to sub-categorize each of your drawers by type or variation of clothing.

3 - The Age-Based Checkout Technique

Organizing kid clothes by age


If you have several children, you can also sort their clothes by age.

Simply take several boxes, label them by age, and put the clothes in them.

If you don't have several children, but want to keep some of the clothes that are dear to your heart, a memory box can also be a great storage option.

4 - Classify Clothes by Season

As with the previous technique, you can also sort the clothes into several boxes, but this time according to the seasons. This way, when a season ends, you can easily take the clothes concerned and put them in the appropriate box.

You can then move the box to the garage, attic, or basement so that it doesn't take up too much space in your child's room.

Involving Your Children

To develop your children's independence, make sure you include them in the decision-making process. This will have the impact of making them responsible for the organization of their clothes and giving them the chance to participate in the decision-making process.

Happy packing!


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