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A car seat bunting bag for winter season is the perfect place to keep you baby warm during all of your outings. It keeps your newborn wrapped up and safe, while also allowing him or her to move freely. The coziest baby accessory, providing your precious bundle with comfort.

Different colors are available each winter season for our infant car seat bunting bags. Whether you are in the mood for a simple solid look or some cute prints, we got you.

With a detachable back that allows for an easy and quick installation of straps directly to your baby’s body, while inside the car seat, the bunting bag is the perfect way to keep your baby warm when the family decides to go out on an adventures, on their days off.

Deux par Deux car seat bunting bags also include an insulated faux-fur hood, a soft plush velvet lining and an exterior shell that can resist harsher conditions. All of our baby bunting bags include a Sherpa hat and blanket, on top of a cute style with textured prints.

Designed in Montreal, our infant car seat bunting bags for 6 to 12 months old are machine washable in cold water and can be tumble dried low. They are also adjustable to all baby car seat and stroller strap heights. They are soft and very comfortable.

You will have the choice between a baby boy bunting bag (like in dark grey, for example) or the baby girl bunting bag in ancient rose, to take your precious one with you wherever you decide to go.

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